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My Experience with Anthros
What can I say about anthros? They are amazing. That is what this site is all about. Sometimes spirit guides and spirits and other multi-dimensional beings can take the form of anthros. They are more than anthro though. They can be pure light. But they are anthro too. I just adore the really nice ones. Like a kind werewolf. Never was much into the aggression, although I do like werewolf movies.
So I hope that some of you are inspired that anthro beings do exist out there. They might not be what we think, at least in our reality. There are cartoony dimensions out there. Dimensions like the Astral Plane, where dreams happen.
I have had a number of anthro dreams. My best was a hyper-real dream involving several anthros dancing on a stage. It was so real I could see the dust in the air beneath the stage lights. It wasn’t a huge stage, but it was a reward because I stopped looking at anthro pictures on a computer and followed someone’s advice and went with them. Then I saw the hyperreal anthros. It was amazing. In another dream an anthro gave me a fistbump. That was way cool. I’ve been an anthro myself in a number of dreams as well.

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