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Power Wand
This is a Nano Lemurian Power Wand. It is a radionics tool that works at either 7.83Hz Schumann Resonance (Earth's) frequency, or 528Hz Universal Love. It generates a strong orgone field. I use it to amplify my thoughts, and to help with altering reality. I'm still working on that. But I can use it to charge water for health or abundance.
It is a really nifty tool. I am energy sensitive so I can feel it working. This could go under the Crystals section, but it is more than a crystal. It is Orgonite as well and is powered. Right now I have it set to 528Hz which is great for manifesting.

It has a Lemurian crystal poking out the top. I chose this particular crystal because it had anthro energy to it. It spoke to me. Stronger than human alone.


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