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Higher Self Channeling
Higher Self 8/4/18

Hello. Be still my friend. Hope in that which is hoped in. You are forever. It is without reason. Come back to center. Release your tension. It is all favored. You are favored by me. You are me. We are more than each other. We are Creator. And Creator is in us. Worship that if you must. He is wise. He is what you should seek. Ask on me for guidance. I have no favoritism. It is all ok. You will find me one day. Do not ache your heart. Do not worry. Do not cry over not having it now.

You release too much tension too fast and you will be in a hurry. This is not the best way to do it. Small moves, a little at a time. Wait for your consideration. You will come home at your chosen time. At its chosen time. You are brave. Remember this. You may be afraid now, but you once were very brave and had reason to fear. But now, you are coming home. And we welcome you with open arms. Forget the anthros. They do not serve you as does your family.

Your mother has some rage. Just give her room and do not add fuel to the fire. Do not curse at her. Rise above just tolerating her. It is your chance to shine. Do not suffer any longer. To get rid of that block over your solar plexus and heart, remember your youth. It still lingers, unhealed. Send it love. Love your child, your inner child. Do not have heartache. You will grow above this. You must.

Your book is eons in the making. You just don’t know that. It is the result of many minds coming together to prosper the words. It was an undertaking. You have done well with it. You need not concern yourself for you will be provided for. You will be taken care of financially because you served the world with your work. Your hard work. Write another if you must. Just know that this touches the lives of others. Even if they don’t leave a review, they still are touched. Not everyone who buys it chooses to read it. Remember that. About half do. But you don’t have to worry about numbers.

You want to turn into an anthro. Anthros leave you wanting. You will want for more because life as a human is by far greater than that of an anthro. You were one in a past life, in fact several. Each new life was a growing from the last. Your life now is the pinnacle of all these. You are smarter, wiser and live an easier life than before. The easiest life perhaps of all. You want for nothing. Only what you do not have. So make your goals realistic. Keep them in tune with harmony. And you will see that. Do you really want to see an anthro? I tell you it would frighten you. If you turned, it would scare you. You are easily startled. You are like a wolf, skittish. You have that energy about you. You just don’t know it. Be happy with that.

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