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Life Purpose
I find that our life purpose will evolve and change as we do. My purpose lately has been to build this forum to find other seekers who love anthros/ferals and are into spirituality. It's usually hard to find this within the furry fandom. The two usually don't go together, so I've done my best to make it work.

My purpose is to help the world vibrationally. To raise the vibration of the Earth. As Earth's vibration raises, it will bring out our subconscious stuff. We may find we get more angry more easily. We may find we are faced with our inner fears for the first time. It is all a part of spiritual growth.

I'm also lately trying to become a vegetarian, and then a vegan. It's slow going, but I feel drawn to do so. It's interesting that I'm posting now because I'm the only member of this forum, though I do have an administrator account. I don't post my main posts with that account though. So any questions about the forum, you can post in suggestions or PM me and I'll be happy to help. After all, I'm currently the only moderator as well.

It helps when you are energy sensitive when you wish to help the world vibrationally. You can feel if things are in alignment to Universal Love. If not, you can make shifts. I don't know what's going on behind the scenes, or the mechanics of how my energy works, but I just feel what is right. What feels good is usually what I go with. I know others will join in due time.

I officially got this forum operational today July 26, 2018. May it help others who seek anthro beings and don't know where to look.

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