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An Issue of Mine - IndigoGeminiWolf - 08-02-2018

I am working with cards with my teacher. She writes out questions on a card, and shuffles them,
and I take each one without knowing what they say and give what I feel.

They said yes my love for anthros is healthy - I saw image of children in a classroom and was very happy
Is there a being that is anthro preventing me from feeling universal love? - I am sad, heartache.
What is the darkness that prevents me from seeing universal love? - I saw image of anthros, and felt no.
Am I loved by the Universe? - No. Darkness closes in, prevents me from seeing.
Have I replaced the spirit of God/universe/One with an anthro? - Yes. Exploring a shaft/cavern. Adventure, fearless.

So the love I feel can be healthy for them. But it seems that they are blocking my ability to feel universal love.
And somehow I have elevated them to godhood. I didn't even know I was doing that.
Any recommendations on what you love getting in the way of universal love?
And how to not see them as so holy.