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Gold Lemurian Orgonite Pyramid - IndigoGeminiWolf - 07-27-2018

Here is my 24k gold pyramid. The speckles is because it is powdered gold mixed with powdered lemurian crystal, mixed in with the resin before it hardens. It has a warm feeling energetically. It creates the feeling of a sacred space. This is the pinnacle of orgonite that isn't powered.
It is worth around $700. When I get my altar to my spirit guide finished, I will place this on it. It will be like the centerpiece of it.

[Image: Gold_Lemurian_Pyramid.jpg]

Here's what's inside, according to the maker:

Quote:A Double Terminated Pink Lemurian Seed Crystal bonded between a Blue Kyanite and a Selenite Crystal, 4 DT Herkimer Diamonds and 24K Gold.

[Image: 406017685_d17ca4ae26.jpg]

It can be found here: